Matte Grey

$36.00 CAD

12oz - $36.00 CAD
20oz - $40.00 CAD

+No Milk Waste - Four bold interior increments etched on both sides. Quickly and consistently pour the exact amount of milk you need. Saves milk, money and improves pouring techniques. 

+Better Base - Wide pitcher body spins milk quickly. Create smooth micro-foam texture early in the steaming process. The perfect base for latte art.

+Improve Latte Art - Precision spout gets you closer to the cup. Easy to pour a variety of milk textures and control design details.

+Stop Scalding - 0.7mm, 304 food-grade stainless steel interior. Feel accurate milk temperatures with the palm of your hand.

+Bold Exterior - Tough Teflon matte grey exterior finish stands up to constant use in busy cafés. Dishwasher and food-safe.

+Care - Help preserve the surface of your CREAM pitcher by avoiding sharp edges, abrasive objects and harsh cleaning products.